#139 Tornadoes and storms got us in a hole. Vic helps dig us out! All caught up! 💖💲✌

#139 Tornadoes and storms got us in a hole.  Vic helps dig us out!  All caught up! 💖💲✌

#139 ACME Mowing and Lawn Care vlog. All caught up after a very wet start to the 2019 season! Old Man couldn’t have done it without his best friend Vic! Thank you Vic! Nice lines!

Mailing address for ACME Mowing:
ACME Mowing and Lawn Care
P.O. Box 430
Wheatland, OK 73097-0430

Our email:ben@acmemowing.com

Buy Stihl Gloves here!
Buy Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator here!
Buy Bandit signs here!
(We get a small kickback on these—just so ya know….)

EDDM Cards and more here:
(We don’t get anything for this…..but they are a great place to buy EDDM cards from!)

We went here for our website:
Magnetic Truck signs:
Cheap business cards:
ACME Coffee drinking device and Hoody:

Companies that I have found that stand behind their products:
Link’s Lawn Equipment, Mustang, OK.

Our stuff (so far):
16’ x 7’ tandem axle trailer
Exmark Lazer Z 52” E-Series
Exmark Vantage 36”
Hustler Raptor SD 52”
John Deere Tractor 42”
Exmark 21” Self-propelled Commercial mower
Stihl BR-700 Blower
Stihl FS 91 R Weed Trimmer
Stihl FC 91 Edger
Stihl HAS 56 Battery Powered Hedge trimmer
Stihl KM 91R
Stihl HL-KM 145 Hedge Trimmer
Stihl FS-KM Line Head Trimmer
One SureCan 2.2 Gallon gas can
One SureCan 5 Gallon gas can
Three old trashy 5 gallon gas cans
Fisher High Lift Jack
2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 4×4
GoPro Hero 3, 5 and 6.
Gorilla Lift (tailgate assist)
BPS-100 Backpack Blower Rack from Green Touch Industries
Xtreme Pro Series 3 position Trimmer Racks
Green Touch 5 gal. SureCan Rack
Green Touch 2.2 gal. SureCan Rack
Equipment Defender line reel
Stihl RB 200 Pressure Washer



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