5f. Activating EMS (CPR) (2018)

5f. Activating EMS (CPR) (2018)

This lesson is about Activating EMS. This lesson explains the importance of calling 911. There are still actions that can be taken to assist while waiting for emergency responders. Activating EMS is the first step in the Chain of Survival.

“Immediate activation of EMS, or emergency medical services, by dialing 911 or the appropriate emergency number is the first step in the Chain of Survival.

Use a speaker-equipped cell phone to activate EMS, so you don’t have to leave the individual who needs care. In situations when a cell phone is not available, send a second rescuer or a bystander to call 911, so the ill/injured individual is not left alone. In case there is no one around to help and you don’t have access to a speaker-equipped cell phone, then go call 911 and get an AED yourself.

Make sure the scene is safe when approaching the individual. Shake their shoulders and ask them if they are okay. If they do not respond or react, they are considered unresponsive. Yell for help and immediately call 911.

Stay on the phone until the operator tells you it’s okay to hang up. The operator can help you make decisions and will not delay the arrival of additional help.

Check the individual’s breathing. If they are barely breathing or only gasping, begin CPR. If they are breathing normally but not responding, roll them onto their side. This can help keep their airway open and prevent them from choking on their own vomit. Monitor their breathing and be prepared to start CPR if the condition worsens.”

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