A Year Alone in the Wilderness

A Year Alone in the Wilderness


This video was shot for a Television network when I casted for a spot on a show with them. I sent them about 2 1/2 – 3 hours of raw footage. I then thought it may be a good idea to edit it down for all of you to see. NO I did not spend a year in the Wilderness (obviously). Yes there is traffic noise in the background, as I shot the video footage on my 40 acres that is directly adjacent to a major highway (mile away) running through the valley. I still think there are some good take aways/learning points in this video and is why i decided to keep it posted. There is a for sure “Romance” to the idea of doing something like this, as i talk about a bit in the video. The TITLE of the video was based solely on the premise of the show…..I did not think it up to pull the wool over anyones eyes, or mislead anybody. It fit with what the show was supposed to be about so it came right to me. Again…didnt think it up to fool people.


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