Anna and Niki build Swimming Pool & Secret Underground House – Funny Story for Kids

Anna and Niki build Swimming Pool & Secret Underground House – Funny Story for Kids

Niki dreams of building a Swimming Pool in the Wilderness. Anna and Niki start digging to build the most Amazing Water Slide and Secret Underground House in the Jungle!

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Anna and Niki is a 3D animated cartoon series about two kind-hearted siblings and the adventures they experience together with their parents. We specialize in providing safe, engaging, educational and enriching cartoons for children.

ANNA is a happy and curious toddler. Every day is a new opportunity for her to explore the fascinating world. As the youngest family member, she is always ready to join her older brother’s games and learn new things. She likes to paint, playing with toys and is fascinated by musical instruments.

NIKI is Anna’s big brother. He loves playing with Anna and always lets her participate in his activities. The kind-hearted siblings help each other discover the world and learn new skills. Niki enjoys skateboarding, swimming in the pool and helping his parents to take care of the household.

MOMMY is loving, careful and committed to educating her children in a healthy lifestyle. She loves country life and has therefore decided to raise animals on the family farm and plant the fruits and vegetables that are the basis of the family’s healthy diet.

DADDY knows exactly how to combine fun and education. He works as a teacher at the school and, despite his busy schedule, always finds a way to spend quality time with the kids. Singing, Dancing, Storytelling… Daddy always has a good idea and it will never be boring with him.

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