Below Survival Guide: Tips and Tricks

Below Survival Guide:  Tips and Tricks

Here are 8 tips for surviving in Below, a new game from Capybara Games. I recommend preparation, using soups, upgrading your pocket, slowing down, not panicking, crafting bandages, and using the north shore as a supply depot. Enjoy the guide!

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Test your adventurer mettle against The Isle’s procedural subterranean labyrinths. Explore a large, interconnected underworld crawling with cunning wildlife, deadly traps and stalked by a shadowy presence. Survive the perils of The Depths and unearth what lies below… or die trying..

BELOW is a procedural terrarium filled with life, mystery and death.
Explore the vast subterranean underworld of The Isle: a dangerous, unfathomable deep. Choose your path through the randomly generated labyrinth crawling with deadly monstrosities, traps and hazardous environments. Perma-death awaits at every false step, and there are no hints to guide you…
Spelunking through The Depths of BELOW is a treacherous endeavour, with death around every corner. The world is alive with flora & fauna, and there are many ways to scavenge materials and harvest ingredients to create life-saving remedies or useful survival tools…
What lies below? Only the bravest wanderers will find out. The Depths are filled with secrets and danger. BELOW embraces the idea that players enjoy discovering secret areas, finding hidden passageways and unravelling the deepest mysteries hidden in the darkness…

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Go slow
I wish I had been more thorough in my first trip through the first early levels. I felt like I was racing to the bottom instead of unlocking every upgrade, piece of armor, and survival resources. Not only that, but running around in this game, even with a light source can often lead to … landing in traps… ugh… so salty.
Collect as much food as you can and make soups/elixirs
Elixirs solve pretty much every problem in the game (health, food, cold, thirst) so it’s a good idea to stock up when you can. Different colored mushrooms grant different benefits as well. For instance, green elixirs make crystal creatures drop double light crystals, which is great for recharging your lantern or… erm other benefits you may find later in the game. I recommend the green elixir for the first 4 levels of below.
Prioritize survival crafting resources rather than bombs, arrows etc.
Below is a survival game, and as such, certain craftable items will make your life a lot easier. I have found the most important recipes to craft in below are the bandage plus, which stops bleeding and heals for a portion of your health, and Salve, which stops bleeding and heals you to full. These are your bread and butter when things get dicey and you are fighting lots of enemies or even if your health has been running down because you can’t find a single thing to eat and you can’t stomach the thought of hoofing it to an earlier area with food. (pun intended)
Use the North Shore to stock up.
The North shore is an area in the game that you unlock fairly early on. To get there, you head west in level 2 as far as you can go. The area is full of fish, which is useful if you have the spear, full of foxes if you don’t mind being an evil prick, and other resources for crafting bandages, arrows etc.
Keep supplies in your pocket in case you die unexpectedly or run out of supplies..
You can collect a stockpile of soups, elixirs, bandages and crystals for those extra difficult areas in the game. I highly recommend taking the time to upgrade your pocket and then filling it full of goodies for when you need it most.
Use armor only when you need it
Occasionally the game will gift you different types of armor. The armor works as a temporary shield to damage, and will block damage from a certain number of attacks before the armor disappears. You can have the armor in your inventory but not equip it. I recommend carrying the armor until you reach the difficult area that has you stumped, and then putting it on to help you get through.
Be thorough in your search for shortcuts and secrets.
This goes along with number one, but you can spend so much time just hoofing back to your body if you die. It’s a good idea to always be on the lookout for shortcuts back to the surface, which can allow you the opportunity to stock up on elixirs, bandages, and torches.
If you die, DON’T PANIC make sure you are prepared before going back for that corpse.
At one point in my playthrough I died in a really dangerous spot in the game. I rushed down to that area and died AGAIN while trying to get my corpse and guess what? All those items from my original corpse were gone.

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