Can You Ace This Quiz? 🤔🔉 Difficult GK Test And Trivia

Can You Ace This Quiz? 🤔🔉 Difficult GK Test And Trivia

Cab you ace this quiz? These difficult survival riddles with answers will boost your brain and increase your intelligence! Get ready to do some hard thinking to pass this survival test 😉 These puzzles and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! Try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones. Pay attention to small details and finding the right answers to these tricky riddles and quizzes won’t become a problem for you!

00:52 – What would you do in this situation? Test your logic and critical thinking with this tricky puzzle: It’s the first night. The guys have to spend it in a snowy forest. They finally get to the forest. Now they need to choose a place to spent the night. There’re 3 options to choose from:
A — an old wooden shed
B — an ice cave near the shed.
C — a nearby car that’s run out of gas.
What’s the safest place to spend the night? I’ll give you just 12 seconds for this easy task!
02:22 – What would you choose? Boost your brain and try to solve this brain teaser before the time is up: The next morning Jerry and the others were taken to a zoo. There was an earthquake there recently. They had to get out of the zoo safely. They look around and realise they’re surrounded by cages. There are 3 exits behind 3 of the cages. But there are also dangerous animals!
Behind the first cage is a pride of lions.
Behind the second is a pack wolves.
Behind the third are poisonous snakes.
Which cage should the guys go through? You have 12 seconds to make the right choice!
03:40 – Another logic riddle to test your survival skills and increase your general knowledge. A hint: think outside the box to solve this thrilling riddle: The third test is to get out of a pit. It’s pretty deep…how are they going to get out? They’re given a backpack. Inside is a fishing rod, a bucket, mosquito repellant and rope. How can they escape the pit? Your 12 seconds to find the way out start now!
04:46 – This mind-blowing puzzle will test your IQ and give you a nice brain workout: Time for the fourth test. The candidates have to cross a river. It’s 3 yards wide, but the water is rough and dangerous. Next to them are 2 boards, 2.9 yards long. How can they cross the river? Turn on your logic and use your 12 seconds wisely!
06:06 – Try to solve this hard riddle before the time is up! These brain exercises will definitely boost your logic: The last test will be the most difficult.
They must escape from a plane.
Everyone has to tie himself to a mattress. Then they need to choose where to land. There are 4 landing options:
a clear blue lake
a forest on a hill
a beautiful meadow with soft grass
a small town.
Where should the guys direct their fall?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the easiest for you!

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