Disaster Kit Series: Why? (Hurricane, EMP, Financial Collapse, Nuclear, AI, SHTF, World War III)

Disaster Kit Series: Why? (Hurricane, EMP, Financial Collapse, Nuclear, AI, SHTF, World War III)

Build a Disaster Kit! Disasters happen. Hurricane, Tornado, Flooding, Armageddon, EMP, End of World, Financial Collapse, nuclear meltdown, earthquakes, Artificial Intelligence (AI), World War III and many more situations are examples of where a disaster kit (prepper, bugout) would benefit you. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Snow Storms, Earthquakes (the big one?) and even power outages are natural reasons why to have a disaster kit. Thrive, don’t just survive! In these situations, having some provisions in key areas means you can evacuate quickly where applicable, or after a disaster it means you can live off of the disaster kits for a week or longer easy with most everything you will need. SHTF, Armageddon, EMP, End of World, Financial Collapse and Nuclear bombs, artificial intelligence (SkyNet), etc. are all what is talked about, but even in a simple power outage this kit comes in handy.

When you are a beginner with building a disaster (emergency) kit, you got to start easy. Build your disaster (emergency) kit to last a week. That is a good starting point. Stay tuned for the rest of these videos that will be released in this series to get an idea of how to build your disaster (emergency) kit! Videos to come on medical, hygiene, food, tools, tactical, etc.

FEMA Checklist:

Some Items We Have Recommended In The Past:
Medical Bag Link:

Katadyn 10L Gravity Water Filter:

Sea to Summit Bowl:

Mora of Sweden Knife:

Solar Lantern w/ Crank:

40oz Stainless Kleen Kanteen:

MSR IsoButane Canister Stand:

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove:

Crank/Solar Emergency Radio:

3M N95 Adult Respirators:

InstaFire FireStarter:

Valley Food Storage Meals:

Industrial Water Containers:

Raw American Honey 32oz:

Survival Garden and Herb Seeds:

Scrubba Portable Laundry Washer:

Patriot Pantry Franklins Finest:

EFS Drink Mix Single Serving, 10 Pouches:

Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski:

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