EDC/ BugOut/ Survival Gift Ideas over $40

EDC/ BugOut/ Survival Gift Ideas over $40

Ive seen alot of these types of Videos.. This is just my take on some cool Outdoor I feel anyone would enjoy received during the Holidays!

To Purchase your own Customized Viking Axes:

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Zippo 4 in 1 Woodsman Tool: (US)

UK Buy Link:

Zippo 4 in 1 Woodsman Replacement Blades: (US)

Andars Wallet: The Baron (US)

Survival Tabs – 8 Day Supply Assorted: (US)

UK Buy Link:

Survival Tabs – 15 Day Supply: (US)

UK Buy Link:

Survival Tabs – 60 Day Supply: (US)

S.O.S Emergency Food Rations 3 Day Supply: (US)

UK Buy Link:

Aqua Mira Frontier Max Water Filter: (US)

UK Buy Link:

AutoXScape Tool: (US)

Olight S2R Baton Magnetic Charge Bundle: (US)

UK Buy Link:

Olight S1R Baton Magnetic Charger Bundle: (US)

UK Buy Link:

LuminTop Prince Flashlight: (US)

UK Buy Link:

Nitecore EA21 EDC Flashlight: (US)

UK Buy Link:

Mora Bushcraft Black Knife: (US)

Cold Steel AK47 Field Knife: (US)

MSLESupply: checkout code: DFS15%

Stanford Outdoor Supply: check code: DROPFORGE10 – 10% off

OffeneMeerLeatherCompany: Gun Deck Wallet

Kobra Kydex Gear: EDC Pack

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