Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid

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Practical demonstrations of first aid.

Practical demonstrations of first aid. Not a formal training film, but includes a wide range of first aid demonstrations and health tips, to complement other training.

1. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: first induce breathing by mouth to mouth
resuscitation, and if there is no pulse do 15 chest compressions.

2. Demonstrates the recovery position. No food or drink.

3. Dial 999. Triage: assess seriousness:
a. Life-threatening
b. Urgent
c. Not so urgent

4. Burns and scalds: pour on cold water, and cover – no oils or ointments

5. Child safety: Covers convulsions, high temperatures, road accidents, burns and poisoning. Always label medicines and keep them out of reach of children.

6. Bleeding: apply pressure to the wound, lay the person down and raise the limb if possible. Bandage the wound but not too tight.

7. Tetanus: keep up the injections.

8. Head injuries: symptoms may be headache, vomiting, sleeping, blurred vision or stiffness. If in doubt call a doctor.

9. Swallowing poisons: don’t try to make the person sick, dial 999 straight away.

10. Painkillers and other drugs: Always read the labels and keep away from children.

11. Epileptic fits: Try to keep the person safe and move as little as possible.

These procedures are clearly demonstrated, but are not a substitute for formal training.

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