EXAM RESULTS Survival Guide | 15 Top Tips | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton

EXAM RESULTS Survival Guide | 15 Top Tips | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton

Whether it’s your GSCEs or A Levels, Melanie and Hannah have got all the information you need for survival. Good luck!


TIP 1: Be prepared
Make sure you know exactly where to go, what time, and what to do. Your school should have provided you with this information ahead of time, but if not, you can always call the school to check.

TIP 2: Get some rest
It can be hard to when you’re stressed, but do try; listen to an audiobook, turn all your devices off, read a book, have a bath before bed; do whatever it is you need to do to relax yourself before the big day.

TIP 3: Ask for support
Your mum, your nan, your neighbour… If you want to bring someone else for moral support, then do it. They’ll share in your emotions no matter how you do.

TIP 4: Keep calm
The moment of opening your results is scary – you’ve been building up to this for a long time, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Take a minute; if you’re nervous, find an area away from others, take a deep breath and open them when you’re ready to.

TIP 5: Be proud of yourself no matter what
You tried your best, don’t forget that.

TIP 6: Don’t beat yourself up
Don’t beat yourself up about what you should have or could have done, whatever happens you can’t change it.

TIP 7: No one needs to know
Don’t be pressured into telling someone else your results, it’s your business, no one else’s. If you want to tell someone, then do, but you don’t have to.

TIP 8: Don’t compare yourself to others
Whether it’s better or worse than you, it doesn’t matter, you are your own person and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses

TIP 9: You can retake your exam
Talk to your teachers about your options; a remark, or retake may make sense, dependent on your circumstances. There is no shame in needing to retake!

TIP 10: Have a plan B
Sometimes things don’t work out, and that’s ok; things will seem a lot worse if you don’t have a backup plan. Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but just in case it’s always good to think about your plan B.

TIP 11: Be supportive
So your friend got a worse result than you, don’t rub your result in their face – that could have been you. Alternatively, don’t let jealousy take over. It can be hard to see someone else succeed, but that doesn’t mean the little green monster should make an appearance.

TIP 12: Consider every option
So you’ve got your results. Now what? You don’t have to go along with what you originally planned. Make sure you’re doing what you want to do, no matter what. Your opinion is the one that matters at the end of the day.

TIP 13: Listen to other’s advice
They’re their to help, and it’s likely they’ve gone through it themselves, so there’s no harm in listening to their advice, even if it’s not what you decide to go with at the end of the day.

TIP 14: Don’t panic
It might seem like everything is happening at once, but it isn’t. Take time to think about what you’re going to do; it’s going to affect you at least in the near future.

TIP 15: Don’t be on holiday!
This one may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t think about this one. Results day dates are available ahead of time, so make sure to let your parents know when they are, so you don’t end up being away on the day. If you are away, then get in contact with the school to organise them either being posted, or someone else picking them up for you. Make sure to do this in plenty of time.

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