Fallout 4 Survival Tips and Tricks For The First 20 Levels

Fallout 4 Survival Tips and Tricks For The First 20 Levels

Fallout 4 Survival Mode Tips and tricks to help you start off your first Survival mode playthrough.

I’ve been playing through Fallout 4 on Survival mode for the first time ever, and as a result I’ve gathered quite a few tips and tricks along the way, which might come in handy if you’re thinking of jumping into it for the first time.

These tips and tricks will work best for you during the first 20 levels or so, but some of them are things you’ll be using all throughout your time in the Commonwealth.

What other tips would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments and also tell me what other Fallout-ish things you’d like me to cover. You could say the Fallout Universe is one of my gaming specialties/obsessions 😀

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