First Aid Kit Refresh

First Aid Kit Refresh

When is the last time you gave your First Aid Kit a refresh? Do you have expired medications in there? Or any medications at all? Did you know there are expiry dates on the sterile gauze and alcohol wipes?
Please take the time to watch this video and refresh your own first aid kit.

I could not find any variety packs of gauze pads, they are sold individually at some pharmacies. You likely won’t need a box of 100 of each size. I suggest that you take the time to stop by a pharmacy and ask if you can’t find any.

Items I suggest having in a First Aid Kit for your outdoor adventures:
While these are affiliate links, I strive to select ONLY Fulfilled by Amazon products. This expedites delivery and returns if necessary.

Aluminum Keyring Pill Container

Tick Removal Tool

There are dozens of styles of First Aid Kits to choose from, Please select the style that suits your family and your needs. You can use this link and then look around.

Recording Equipment

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

64GB Class 10 SD and Micro-SD cards.

64GB SanDisk SD

64GB SanDisk Micro-SD

Campark x20 4K Action Camera
An entry-level Action Cam for those who might not want to spend as much as a GoPro. This camera has a touch screen, a Waterproof case, and tonnes of mounts and straps, including a remote.

Campark x20 batteries and charger.
Having spare batteries is always handy.

Canon Eos Rebel Series. I use the T5i. I’ve linked a newer version here. With a flip-out touch screen, it’s easy to see that what your filming is in fame from almost any angle.

Canon Lenses
Canon Zoom EF 75-300mm

Canon T5i Batteries and Charger

INNOREL 55.9″ Tripod
This tripod is more sturdy than any I have used. With a carry handle, level bubble, and weight hook.

Neewer Camera Bag
I love this bag because it can be used as a cross-body sling when you already have another backpack on. You can access from the front, top or side with easy access zippers. It also comes with positionable dividers so you can create the storage you need for your gear. Rain cover included.

Smartphone Gimbal
Feiyutech Vimble 2

It’s also handy to have a Charge Bank, the ones I own are outdated and not on Amazon. Here are some to consider, but I can’t recommend any particular one.

Anker is a trusted name.

This model has an LCD display of power %.

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