How to Signal for Help Outdoors – Outdoor Survival Tips for Parents and Kids!

How to Signal for Help Outdoors – Outdoor Survival Tips for Parents and Kids!

How to Signal for Help Outdoors – Outdoor Survival Tips for Parents and Kids! Subscribe for more survival tips videos-

For families who spend a lot of time in the outdoors, having a child wander off and get lost is not likely. However, At the same time, it’s also a very real possibility. In Today’s video we discuss basic survival tips on how to signal for help in the outdoors for both parents and kids.

Today’s survival scenario: Karissa gets lost while hiking outdoors with her parents and demonstrates how to signal for help with her whistle.

For those who are a survivalist, you know that signaling for help is one of the most important things that survival training can teach you. It is also something that should be taught to your children and not be missed when it comes to learning outdoor survival skills.

Quick parent survival tip for outdoors: The second your child realizes he/she is lost they should stop immediately and wait. Attach a whistle to your kids backpack (or other easy accessible places), as soon as they realize they have become separated from the group tell them to start blowing that whistle like crazy. Whistles are great for short-range signaling; they are also useful for scaring off large animals and bears. A whistle provides audible random signaling (or response recognition to searchers or others who are using their own sound devices).

We have also include other outdoor survival tips in today’s short episode. So please be sure to watch from beginning to end. If you would like to see more outdoor survival videos subscribe to our channel. If you have any survival tips leave them in the comment below, if not, please feel free to visit the survival websites below. As Always, thanks for watching!

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