Huntsman’s LIVE Bushcraft Build Series Finale – The Ultimate Bushcraft Camp!

Huntsman’s LIVE Bushcraft Build Series Finale – The Ultimate Bushcraft Camp!

Huntsman’s LIVE Bushcraft Build Series has been an exciting, revolutionary and unique project over the course of the past year as we set out to build the ultimate bushcraft camp and capture every step of the process live!

From scouting out a new forest in late winter to finding the perfect build location, gathering resources in the area to the step-by-step process of not only building the ultimate bushcraft camp but imagining and creating features to the bushcraft build that no one has ever done before the Huntsman LIVE Bushcraft Build Series has been unprecedented achievement in how bushcraft and wilderness survival is presented.

Today the Huntsman’s Live Bushcraft Build Series has captured every moment in the creation of a heavy ‘A’ frame structure that comes complete with a stone floor lined with blue shale to reflect light, stone and clay accent walls to trap heat and offer incredible structural integrity, crushed blue shale chinking between the beams to offer a unique look and texture to the build, shelving, stone candle holders, a gemstone encrusted inner wall, a plant cellulose filled insulative liner on the roof, bark accenting and more.

But we didn’t stop with the bushcraft build. We’ve landscaped the entire forest surrounding the build into an enchanted wonderland unlike anything anyone has ever seen before including the crowning achievement of the massive crystal resting atop of stone column in the meadow next to the bushcraft shelter itself.

Building a permanent bushcraft shelter and surrounding camp in order to practice wilderness survival, present new ideas and survival skills, take on unique challenges while camping or just spending time alone in the wilderness is not without its challenges and backbreaking hard work. And claiming it all to be the most unique bushcraft camp ever is not without its daring bravery. But we’ve done it! We’ve chronicled it every step of the way and we’ve done it all LIVE in a series that has single-handedly changed the game forever.

The Huntsman’s LIVE Bushcraft Build Series has taken solo survival, wild camping and bushcraft to new heights that has inspired others to take on the same challenge of live streaming their builds to offer a much more intimate take on what bushcraft is like in a real time environment where nothing is edited to perfection and everything is as real as it gets. No scripts, no sponsors, ALL REALITY.

Without question the best part of hosting Huntsman’s LIVE Bushcraft Build Series has been the real time interactions with the fans while creating the most unique bushcraft camp you’ll ever see. The uncensored, unscripted fun and comradery that can only come from hosting an episodic live stream series from the wilderness has not only been a revolutionary new idea but it’s also one of the main highlights and successes of the Huntsman Channel over-all. There is nothing like experiencing Huntsman LIVE and most of that claim comes from the audience itself.

Huntsman Bushcraft is not for everybody. The channel was not made to be a cookie-cutter copy of any other bushcraft and wilderness survival channel. It is not family friendly and true from the very beginning of the channel this is not like watching Dora the Explorer with childish level content. Huntsman Outdoor as a brand is a stand alone, rough cut, in your face, blunt force honesty experience that is anything but sterilized. We’ve been that way from the start and we will continue to be that way in the future.

Today, winter is on our doorstep once again and it’s time to be wrapping up the LIVE Bushcraft Build Series as we settle in for colder weather and winter wilderness survival challenges. Which, with a bushcraft camp like this, won’t be much of a challenge at all.

As we set out now to wrap up Huntsman’s LIVE Bushcraft Build Series and put the finishing touches on the single most unique bushcraft camp ever envisioned I want to thank everyone who has followed the series since we first set foot in this forest and endured all f the challenges and bloopers a live stream series has to offer with me. This is only the first live bushcraft build series we’ll be hosting on the channel with many more to come in the future. I hope you all enjoy the two part finale of Huntsman’s LIVE Bushcraft Build Series.

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