In Critique Of Coincidences

In Critique Of Coincidences

A story about a man lost in a desert, and the forces surrounding his fate.


This film is essentially meant to function as a sort of “anti-story”. The character in the film is imagined as a banker, but one may only barely assume this based on his clothing or his ring. Why is there no dialogue? Why is there no character development? How did he get into the desert in the first place? These questions aren’t answered in the film because this is simply not a film about the character or the man within it. It’s a film about events that typically save protagonists or main characters.

All too often, writers, artists, and amateur filmmakers unintentionally create “chosen ones” rather than main characters. What I mean by this is whenever one of these “chosen ones” encounters a coincidence or an unlikely event, for some strange reason, these events almost always seem to be beneficial to or seemingly “meant” for their characters, directly advancing or effecting the plotline. In reality however, this is not how things work.

I wanted to make a film about a man experiencing one of these events, and one I’d even consider a miracle. In such a vast empty desert, this man happens to stumble upon something buried in the sand mere hours or moments before his death. The odds of this happening are of course slim to none to say the least, our character is in fact lucky; he experienced a miracle. He, however experienced just that. A single miracle. He did NOT experience what should be considered a second miracle, which is all to often simply gifted to the characters by many writers. This second miracle would be beating the odds of whether or not this coincidence or unlikely event was in fact beneficial to him. If this man in our story had stumbled upon a first aid kit, or a bottle of water, or something along those lines, he would have beaten the odds twice.

Just because certain events are out of your control does not mean they’re meant for you, nor does it mean an event or ANY event for that matter should be meant for a certain character in a story. Sometimes you’re just lucky, and sometimes strange things just happen. Sometimes you’ll beat the odds and fortune will find you. Sometimes you’ll beat the odds and be met with even greater misfortune. There are things out there beyond our control. Just know that if it’s not you, it won’t necessarily be someone else either.

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