Introducing…The Crow – Urban Survival Tool

Introducing…The Crow – Urban Survival Tool Visit my site.

Remember the Wolverine survival tool I made? Well this is The Crow.

Originally I had three sizes in mind, so when I went to work on what I thought was the Wolverine small I was amazed to witness the creation of The Crow. It was unexpected and I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t make it fast enough! And now I have a working model that I can put through the most brutal of tests.

I chose the name The Crow for it’s intelligence and the fact that it’s one of the few creatures on earth that can use tools. The fact that it’s also fashioned after a crow bar was completely unintentional.

This particular version is what I call The City Crow. It has very thin knife scales made from plastic olive barrel lids, which is an extremely tough material that is still grippy when wet. The beak of the knife, or tip, is modeled after a pry bar and works well to pry, pull bust and chisel. I would like to add a universal hole wrench in the blade that could be used on fire hydrants, utilities lines, bicycles, etc. The idea behind The City Crow is to address some of the survival concerns one might be faced with in an urban setting. Prying and pulling apart skids for fire wood was on the list of tasks, as was breaching doors, smashing glass, cutting cloth, hammering nails, pounding, digging, chopping, and more.

The Country Crow will be shaped much more like the Wolverine and will have a wood handle. There won’t be a hole wrench in it since the country version will weigh more and be a more effective chopper.

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