My recommendations for a 3-Day “Go-bag”

My recommendations for a 3-Day “Go-bag”

There are many reasons why people don’t have a Go-Bag/”Bug-Out Bag” stocked and at the ready ahead of the next emergency; there just aren’t any valid reasons.

You can hope that bad things that have never happened never will. Or you can prepare for now in case they do. Nothing happens until the first time it happens.

In this video, I cover concepts and tools that will help you evacuate your home when you are jolted awake by an earthquake, fire, or other disaster. In that type of emergency, you won’t have the time to mentally calculate the important items you will need to bring, let alone the time to gather them. By having a pack already stocked with basic first-aid, lighting, fire-starters, backup keys to your cars and friends’ homes, important docs, backups of photos, numbers & addresses of friends and family, clothing, tools, self-protection, and most importantly: portable power, water, nutrition (and the ability to regenerate all 3 indefinitely), you will preempt the foreseeable threats you and your family will likely face in the next emergency so you will free up your capacity to contend with the myriad unforeseeable issues that will inevitably befall you in a SHTF scenario.

I also discuss concepts like establishing primary and alternate rendezvous points for your family to gather in an emergency when standard methods of communication are compromised, and why each family member should always keep a walkie-talkie in their Go-Bag and vehicle.


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