Navy SEAL hidden IFAK | Individual First Aid Kit | Tactical Rifleman

This week on Tactical Rifleman I go over the basic IFAK kit carried by a majority of Naval Special Warfare operators. I say majority because the realm of medical treatment in combat is constantly and innovatively evolving. Additionally, I show you guys a piece of kit once issued to us, an IFAK that inserts into the basic field body armor wrap. Although the tactical field casualty care methods are always improving, one issue remains the same – regardless what you are carrying, make sure you train with it!! Train with your issued tourniquet, self-aid kit, and buddy aid kit. For SEALs, most of our equipment is standard around the board, however, we go through great lengths to protect our stuff from the salt water and sand.

In regards to placement on the kit, I will just say that if that said equipment is ever to be used, we go by the mantra – self-aid, buddy-aid, corpsman-aid. Basically, have your stuff arranged and accessible in order to be able to fix yourself if need be, then the ability for a buddy to get to your equipment, and finally in a place where a trained medic or corpsman to access your medical supplies. I say again, TRAIN YOUR MEDICAL SKILLS AND TRAIN WITH THE EQUIPMENT YOU WILL USE DOWNRANGE.

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