New nuclear bomb delayed | Defense News Weekly, Sept. 6, 2019

New nuclear bomb delayed | Defense News Weekly, Sept. 6, 2019

Find out all the news from the Defense News Conference–including delays to a new nuclear weapon.

Segments in this episode:

00:55 Headlines—Pentagon diverts $3.6 billion in DoD construction money towards border wall
01:31 Headlines—Poland requests missiles and planes from the US.
01:57 Headlines—Fate of remote kill vehicle money revealed
02:22 Headlines— New B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb delayed.
02:48 Headlines— F-35 & F-22 won’t hit 80% mission capability rate.
03:23 Acting Air Force Sec. Matthew Donavan—Retiring old planes?
05:20 Planning for a future Air Force. Panel discussion with Lt. Gen. Timothy Fay, Deputy Chief of Staff U.S. Air Force and Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secreoty
07:29 Are aircraft carriers obsolete? Dr. Michael Griffin, Undersec. of Defense.
10:54 New Army leadership talks priorities- Acting Sec. of the Army Ryan McCarthy and Army Chief of Staff James McConville
18:32 Navy Federal Credit Union Money Minute—Finances vs. preparedness
19:55 Army Futures Command—one year in. Interview with Gen. Mike Murray, Commanding General, Army Futures Command

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