READY?! Patch 8.3 Preparation GUIDE

READY?! Patch 8.3 Preparation GUIDE

Are you ready? The patch 8.3 preparation GUIDE is all here so you get the best out of visions of n’zoth once it’s live. What to do before 8.3 and what to do in patch 8.3 are common questions that we will answer with ease after a lot of ptr testing and gathering information! The patch 8.3 release date is in a week from now so we believe that this wow patch 8.3 guide on getting ready for the big event is something to have for all of you being either a constant player or planning to return. Make no mistake, wow patch 8.3 is going to be massive so you better stick to MarcelianOnline for all the bfa wow class guides on top of 8.3 gearing and 8.3 leveling 🙂

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