SARCASTIC SURVIVAL | πŸ”΄ Fallout 4 LIVE STREAM In 2020 [Modded] Let’s Play – Part 8

SARCASTIC SURVIVAL | πŸ”΄ Fallout 4 LIVE STREAM In 2020 [Modded] Let’s Play – Part 8

SARCASTIC SURVIVAL | πŸ”΄ Fallout 4 LIVE STREAM In 2020: Modded Let’s Play – Part 8 – Subscribe –

In this video, I kick off my first Fallout 4 Survival playthrough/walkthrough/ gameplay of Fallout 4 GOTYE with mods and all the DLC.

I will be completing a master playthrough and completing nearly everything we can in Fallout 4 and we are going to do it by selecting every sarcastic option we can because we are not serious about anything.

In this playthrough, I will also be conquering the wasteland and building thriving settlements at every available workshop, plus 10 extras as part of the Conquest mod, which allows you to craft 10 more new settlements in the Commonwealth.

I am pumped up to get to experience Fallout 4 after 4 long year hiatus.

We start off from the very beginning in Fallout 4 with War Never Changes quest which starts in the bathroom looking into the mirror and adding our face.

I play around with Nora’s face too and add an even sexier face to Nora, and I’ve never done that before.

I am using the Handsome Faces Mod and I’m rocking face #12.

We then make our way into the kitchen where I meet Codsworth and he made me some coffee and we see a comic book of Grognak The Barbarion: Jungle of the Bat-Babies and the Boston Bugle on the counter.

Shaun, the sole survivor, and Nora’s baby starts to cry and Codsworth heads over to calm him down.

While we check out the news on the tv, the doorbell rights and it’s another religious group…

Just kidding, it’s a Valut-Tec Rep, and apparently he’s been trying to reach me all week.

We have a chat I get to be sarcastic for the first time and tell him that I now cannot wait for the world to end.

I answer a few questions and the Valut-Tec rep is off.

I go to join Nora back on the couch, but Codsworth says he unable to get Shaun to chill out.

It’s time for daddy to make things right.

We go and visit Shaun and comfort him and spin the spaceship play mobile.

Soon after Codsworth calls to us to come and see what’s on the news.

We rush to the living room to see what’s on the news.

The TV anchor announces that there are confirmed reports of nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania.

Shortly after that, the TV transmission goes into the funky native American, please stand by tornado twister thing.

Outside alarms can be heard so the sole survivor and Nora get rocking and head for the vault.

Before I go I tell Codsworth to stay safe buddy.

All the neighbors are out on the sidewalk, people are running towards the vault behind Sanctuary Hills.

We get to the top of the hill and we are stopped by the military, there is a huge crowd and they are not letting everyone into the vault.

Only those in the program and who are on the list and allowed in, we run up and tell the solider at the gate that we are on the list.

The group of people not allowed access are some neighbors, the mailman and the Vault-tec rep wasn’t even allowed in.

As we stand on the lowering elevator pad, a nuclear explosion occurs in the distance and the shock wave is coming towards us fast,. we are lucky that the elevator loaded in time.

When we get down to Vault 111 we are greeted by the overseer and the vault-tec staff.

As we enter the vault we are given some new vault 111 jumpsuits and we follow the Vault-Tec doctor deeper in vault 111.

We are asked to put our vault suit on and step into a chamber called “Decontamination Pod”

More in the video…

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