Saw & Knife Combo – Urban Survival

Saw & Knife Combo – Urban Survival Visit my site.

My ideal tool combo is a 12″ bow/hack saw and a Cold Steel SRK. A lot can be accomplished with these two tools alone. Wood processing included.

I know, the classic combo is a hatchet or axe and knife. That’s the traditional bushcraft way.

That doesn’t work for me though. I live in the suburbs, not the wild frontier. I need portability coupled with versatility. I like that the saw can use hacksaw blades. That could be very handy in the city. I also like how quiet sawing is compared to chopping.

I can’t help but think that this saw/knife combo is safer than an axe too, and can be used in lower light conditions.

Don’t get me wrong, an axe is a bushcraft standard for a reason-they work. I have an axe and love to use it. However, it’s not in my bug out bag. There’s simply no room or weight.

Having a knife instead of an axe or hatchet is an advantage for two reasons-weight and versatility. This SRK weighs much less than a hatchet and is useful for cutting, scraping and drilling tasks.

You may not agree with me. That’s alright. I admit I have a lot to learn.


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