Solo Winter Wheeling/Camping, Things Don’t Go As Planned. #1

Solo Winter Wheeling/Camping, Things Don’t Go As Planned. #1

This weekend I set out to do some winter camping and wheeling but in true CO fashion was turned around a total of 7x and didn’t have the tent pitched until after midnight. It’s hilarious because this is where I was going to go originally but instead blew 10hrs getting there and had no daylight to get the goods for this video. The plan was to have a funny video showing all the antics at camp but I was so tired I think the vid really suffered. I did learn a ton of stuff while making it (way too dark) and I’m excited to make a much better product in the future. For anyone else thinking of making vids: Your first will be the worst, only gets better from there if you’re willing to learn so get started. Hope you enjoy the steamy pile that is Camp Trip #1 and stick around until #100. I’m going to visit my mom this week and with so much snow the trail videos are hard to come by right now so I’m releasing this instead. This will not be the norm and I will continue to post trail videos with these popping up every once in awhile. Have fun out there!

St. Tropez by Scandinavianz
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Filmed 02/14-15/20

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My Tires:

I love these tires. The only others I’d take are the BFG KO2 but they don’t make them in this size and the KM2’s are amazing. You can probably imagine the amount of driving I do weekly and how much abuse my tires get. These things last, everyone knows this, you’ve seen it in my videos.

My Tire Deflators:

These tire deflators have many $15 copies but the others just don’t hold up or are inaccurate. I don’t know what the deal is, they look identical to me too but read the reviews- they’re bad. I’ve been using these Staun’s for over a year and never had a problem, I air down a lot. Set them at the trail so your tires will be the same temp when you get to the trail next time.

My Compressor:

There are better ones but I’d just get a bigger VIAIR, not something different. Airs up all my 33’s from 14psi to 37psi in less than 10 minutes.

My Microphone:

My microphone is the worst good mic you can get. BUT don’t be fooled, it’s a very good mic. Picture me getting in my car for the 50th time after I just ran up and down a hill… for the 50th time. Do you see me disconnecting my mic and gingerly setting it in a case? No. It stays connected to the tripod, gets thrown into my plastic cargo area and bounces around with other heavy items until the next one. It gets terrible interference from WiFi so you must make sure that it’s off on your camera or phone. If you are trying to use this with your phone you need to get a TRS to TRRS cable which RODE makes. This is required because your phone will think the mic is headphones.

My Tripod:

I went through 2 tripods in 1 month, a $20 and a $30. Buy it nice or buy it thrice. This thing gets opened and closed MANY times per week in rain, snow, dirt, and even in the middle of rivers. I love the 2-stage legs so i can make it real low in 2sec instead of shortening all the legs.

My Drone:

You can tell how easy it was to progress through my videos. Besides maybe five times, you’ve seen every bit of flying since I got it. I don’t fly in the city and I don’t go to the mountains and not make a video. It is VERY easy to use.

My Drone ND Filters:

The filters are a must. Again I have the worst ones and I am still very pleased. My first use was video #35 and I think it is very apparent. Illinois Gulch (#34 obviously) has a completely white sky, way too much blue. I’m still not even good about selecting the right one or changing them out but it’s 10x better than nothing.

My Books:
CO North

This is the stuff I’ve tested, this is what I like. I am very hard on all of my equipment frequently and it still works. I back all of these items and each company seems to back their product very well too. I guess it’s easy to offer a warranty when your stuff doesn’t break.