Stealth Camping with Bug Out Bag-Urban Survival

Stealth Camping with Bug Out Bag-Urban Survival Visit my site.

Here’s me testing my bug out bag in the ravine behind my house. My pack has some survival essentials including a poncho, knives, folding saw, dehydrated food, canteen and cup, mosquito jacket, headlamp, first aid kit, hygiene kit and more.

For this camp-out, I’m using the poncho as a sleeping bag by snapping the sides together. I added about 6″ of natural insulation under the poncho, which made sleeping on the ground very comfortable. I was harassed by mosquitoes ALL night, and didn’t sleep well. The little flying devils actually bit through the bug jacket I was wearing. The poncho kept me dry from the dew and rain that made it through the tree canopy. A bug bar, aka mosquito net, will be going into my bug out bag as soon as I get home tonight. I can’t imagine what my night would have been like without the bug jacket.

Overall the gear worked well by keeping me dry and mostly protected from insects. I’ll be adding a bug bar to my kit for warm months.

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