Survival Skills Levelup: Tactical Medical Kit – Always Prepared

Survival Skills Levelup: Tactical Medical Kit – Always Prepared

I’m a firm believer of preparing before you need it. In an emergency, you do not want to be scrambling trying to find things. Have something you can rely on and its easy to access. In an emergent, ALWAYS protect yourself. Always assess the scene before doing anything. Also, as a default…. Gloves are a MUST! Have extra pairs handy in glove compartments and at home.

Living in California I took earthquake preparedness classes, Red Cross first aid and CPR classes. Wouldn’t matter where I live, I want that awareness in skills for my own self. I don’t rely on a belief someone will save me. I want to know to empower myself.

I take seriously and want skills to take care of myself so I invest the time to make better decisions, like having quality kits handy and readily available. Along with the knowledge, I make a point to these quality supplies available at my home and in my car.

Impressed by the Live The Creed (formally known as WH Tactical) gear. I picked up this kit a few years backs. Still have and live it. Got my sister and brother quality kits, too.

I gave the EDC medkits to both siblings. For me, I bought a Get Home Alive (GHA) Medical Kit. Really pleased with this kit and showcase highlights of it in this video.

Includes supplies for Trauma, Breaks & Fractures, Medications and First Aid.

4” Israeli Bandage
NAR Compressed Gauze

Aluminum Splint
Triangular Bandage

Trauma Shears 7.5″
​Emergency Blanket
1 Pair XL Bear Claw Gloves Tan
CPR Face Shield
Assorted Band-Aids
2x Gauze Pads
Steri-Strips (wound closure strips)
4x Iodine Wipes
2x Alcohol Wipes
2x Hand sanitizer wipes
Ammonia Inhalant
Medical Tape
2x Bacitracin Packs
2x Burn Gel Packs
5″x4″ aLOKSAK

2x Aspirin
2x Ibuprofen
2x Antihistamine Pack

Choose the gear that’s right for you and don’t put it off. Make it a priority to have one handy. Have equipment and people, including yourself, you can rely on.

Lastly, prepare for your pets, too! Go bag with what they need… plan for it!

Check out their site for more info on these items peruse their other products!

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