The Survival Skills That Come Hardwired In Babies’ Brains From Day 1

The Survival Skills That Come Hardwired In Babies’ Brains From Day 1

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Babies come hardcoded with a constantly updating operating system that has some special features called PRIMITIVE REFLEXES.

These are not mere bonus easter eggs but a key part of gameplay although they are patched after a few months and can no longer be accessed. They exist to help the otherwise very stupid baby find milk and stay close to its mama.

Primitive reflexes form part of every baby examination, first to make sure they are present, and then to make sure they have gone by the right age.

We share many of these in-built reflexes with most mammals so they’re also a fascinating and fairly cute window into evolution.

NB – I’m not a paediatrician so please don’t take everything I say as gospel. I mean, you shouldn’t really listen to me at the best of times. About anything. Even cardiology.

If you have any medical queries, please don’t direct them at me as it’s very possible I got my medical degree in the post from the Club Medschool, please consult a real life doctor.


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I’ve found some very odd websites claiming incorrect things about primitive reflexes. This is a sensible link to get started and wikipedia also has some good info.

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