TOMSHOO 1500L Water Filter Straw Purifier Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear

TOMSHOO 1500L Water Filter Straw Purifier Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear

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Product: Outdoor Water Purifier
Material: PP ultrafiltration membrane + Activated carbon
Water flow: 400ml/min
Water purification capacity: 1,500 liters

1. Use directly
2. Use with extension tube
3. Use with container

Filter Cleaning:
Clean the filter with the backwash after using the water straw which can extend its service life.

Features of Water Filter Straw:
1. 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane meets the highest sterilization standards of WHO (World Health Organization), filtering harmful bacteria up to 99.9999% (such as E. coli, legionella, staphylococcus aureus, etc.).
2. Certified by US WQA (Water Quality Association ) and tested by TUV SUD Institute, this water filter conforms with the EU 98/83/EC human drinking water quality standards and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) water purification standards.
3. Triple stage filtration to guarantee your safety.
4. Long service life, can filter 1.5 tons of water.
5. Compact design, convenient to carry around for outdoor use.
6. Ultrafiltration membrane filter can withstand repeated rinsing, very durable.
7. Ultrafiltration membrane filter eliminates bacteria to ensure safety, activated carbon improves water taste and effectively removes the organic micro-pollutants and odor to improve water quality, bringing you a perfect experience to enjoy the water.

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