[Toram Online] Shishui’s Crit Katana Build (500k+ Damage)

[Toram Online] Shishui’s Crit Katana Build (500k+ Damage)

Repost cuz previous video had editing errors! (I forgot to put impact into the 1st combo) TOO TIREDDDDD
My Crit Katana Build Idea came true! Can reuse my halberd’s equip LOL 😛

Using a fail stat +C weapon, I dont have any battle skills (atk up crit up etc in this vid) but the damage still so high! Also im only lvl 115… if i lvl to 140, i will have 50+? more stat point to pump into dex. Higher dmg!

This build requires you to wear crit equips instead of unshealth so i can crit all the time without the use of meikyo shisui before the dps skill. This way, i can make low MP consumption but strong combos.
Also, as this is a crit based build, crit doesnt miss. U dont see me missing did u? :3

Difference between this build and other unsheathe build:
1. I dont rely on meikyo shisui to make crit hits, therefore my combos are low mp consumption yet strong 150% damage.
2. Unsheathe build hits higher damage but of course, higher mp combo
3. This build do crit damage alllll the time (depend on ur equips and crit rate)
4. Crit doesnt miss so no worries that u will miss

Stat: Full STR then DEX
Why STR?:
I tested dex and str but str turned out to have higher damage. Str gives higher stability and crit damage which is great for a crit based build like this.

Blade skill
Sword mastery 5
Quick slash 5
War cry 10

Magic skill
Magic arrow 5
Magic javelin 5
Magic lance 5
Magic impact 7
Magic charge 1

Mononofu skill
Issen 5
Pulse blade 5
Pommel strike 5
Bushido 10
Two handed 10
Magadachi 5
Hasso happa 10
Zantei settetsu 10
Shukuchi 10
Triple thrust 5
Meikyo shisui 5

Dual wield skill
Reflex 5
Flash blast 10
Dual sword control 5
God speed 10

Halberd skill
Quick aura 1~10

Survival skill (optional)
Safe rest 5
Short rest 5
Hp boost 10
Mp boost 10

Battle skill (optional)
Atk up 10
Whack 10
Critical up 10
Intimidating power 10

If u get skill stated except battle skills and survival skills, u used 154 skill point. U have like 50 skill point left. U can get all the survival skill, then for battle skill, get atk up lvl 5, whack lvl 5 and critical up lvl 10. Critical up is important because it adds crit rate which is what this build needs

Why get godspeed and flash blast?
Because they increase unsheathe atk damage and katana skills are unsheathe skills.

Non element: Atk2%+, cd7cd14%cr14 (BKOD, Grecia,PG)
Element: Element, damage against element 14%, cr14 (BKOD, Grecia, PG)
Sub weapon: DO NOT equip anything
Armor: cr14cr14%cd14cd7% (ifrid, iconos)
Additional gear: gothic hat (proto leon, baphomela)
Special gear: muscle talisman III (york, odelon)

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