Tornado Damage Countdown: EF0 to EF5

Tornado Damage Countdown: EF0 to EF5

Examples of tornadoes rated EF-0 to EF-5 and the damage they cause. For licensing contact

After a destructive tornado occurs, the NWS surveys the damage to estimate the tornado’s wind speeds. The tornadoes are then rated by
their intensity using the EF scale or Enhanced Fujita scale from the weakest EF0’s to the rare incredibly powerful EF5’s. In this video we’ll observe examples of each as well as the damage each rated tornado can cause.

Not all tornadoes have the strength to cause severe destruction, in fact about 75% of tornadoes in the USA are relatively weak falling in the EF0 to EF1 range. A tornado rated EF0 has wind speeds estimated between 65 to 85 mph. They can cause light roof damage including damage to gutters or siding, break branches off trees and push over shallow rooted trees.

EF1 rated tornadoes are stronger with estimated wind speeds from 86 – 110 mph. They cause moderate damage such as roofs severely
stripped, exterior doors ripped off and broken windows. Cars are moved and Mobile homes are badly damaged or overturned.

EF2’s cause considerable damage with estimated wind speeds between 111 and 135 mph. Roofs are torn off well-constructed houses, mobile homes are completely destroyed, large trees snapped and cars are lifted off the ground.

EF3’s have estimated wind speeds from 136 to 165 mph. They cause severe damage to well constructed houses and large buildings. Trains are overturned, trees debarked, heavy cars are tossed and structures with weak foundations are blown away some distance.

Tornadoes with wind speeds estimated from 166 to 200 mph cause devastating damage and are rated EF4s. Well constructed houses are completely leveled. Structures with weak foundations are blown away. Cars are thrown.

EF5’s have estimated wind speeds over 200 mph. The damage from these monsters is incredible! Often at the impact site, there’s nothing to see because nothing is left. Strong framed houses are lifted off foundations and carried considerable distances to disintegrate.
Automobile sized missiles fly through the air farther than 100 meters.
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